Calina Lawrence

calina lawrence

"EPICENTER" Album Cover

"EPICENTER" Album Cover

An enrolled member of the Suquamish Tribe, Calina Lawrence was born and raised within her Indigenous culture in the Pacific Northwest area of Washington State.

Her vocal journey began at a young age when she was first introduced to her cultural music. While lending her voice to the preservation of Suquamish traditions, she also grew to love singing many contemporary genres.

Lawrence was raised to understand the importance of spreading awareness about the social injustices that have impacted the quality of lives on tribal reservations and within urban Native communities.

Her involvement in music has led her in activism in the cities of Seattle, San Francisco, and Oakland. Lawrence recently graduated with Honors from the University of San Francisco, attaining her BA in Performing Arts & Social Justice; a Music concentration.

Lawrence dedicates her artistry and energy to address: POC racial injustice, police brutality, mass-incarceration, gentrification, misrepresentation of Native Americans in education/mainstream United States media, climate injustice & violation of Native Treaty Laws, blood quantum and disenrollment issues, foster youth, suicide prevention, violence against women, and many other causes.

Since graduation, this indigenous vocalist has released her debut single entitled “Alcatraz” a folk song (January ‘17) followed by the release of "Generations" (July '17) a hip-hop track featuring 14 y/o Lil Deya.  To end 2017, she released "Don't Count Me Out" (December '17) featuring indigenous vocalist/emcee Desirae Harp. "Songbird" was the first single released from Lawrence's debut album EPICENTER which was released in August, 2018.

Lawrence will continue traveling the Nation pursuing her career as a musician in the genres of Traditional FolkHip HopR&B/Soul, and Spoken Word Poetry while based out of the cities of San Francisco/Seattle.



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